Are you wondering how to grow your beard the right way, but not sure where to start from? Worry not! We will help you through this blog post.

Maintaining an awesome look through proper beard grooming is essential for almost every man. The ability to grow a thick, long, and shiny beard has been a symbol of masculinity for a long time. From the range of men’s grooming, beard maintenance is one of the major concerns for every man in the world.

No man wants to show off an uneven, patchy mess while he waits for the rest to grow in. In today’s professional and social commitments, it’s normal to want to look and feel your best, but without a full facial collection, the wait can be pretty daunting.

One of the major mistakes first-time beard growers make is not taking care of their beard. Yes, we hear you! It’s true that cavemen grew beards without Beard products. But you are not a caveman, and not taking care of your beard can lead to ample problems such as beardruff, broken hair, and dry skin. All these issues can prevent you from growing your best beard possible.

Unmaintained beards can irritate your skin, get in your mouth, give your face an unpleasant look, and even get stinky. All of your beard care product choices are about achieving goals, where you don’t suffer from any of these issues. With a little research, you can surely make informed selections and get the best sense of what “the right stuff is.

Finding out what types of products work best for your personal grooming starts with you. Men have different hair types, growth rates, and other specific factors that need to be addressed. But the main motto is whatever beard care products you do use, it should be all about your comfort and style. Want to dive deep into this blog post? Here are all of the effective tips, tricks, and products that will make your beard fuller, softer, healthier, and more flattering:

Organic Beard Oil for Beard Growth: Organic Beard oil is one of the essential tools in your grooming kit. While looking for beard oils, the first thing to consider is the type of beard you have. Are you in the stubble stage or grown it so long? Lighter oils are typically recommended when you are in the early growth periods. Taking the rough edges off of itchy stubble doesn’t require overkill. But as your beard gets thicker and longer, heavier oils will become more prominent. This simple rule of thumb can get you started. Adding to that, washing your beard regularly keeps the dirt at bay, but it also strips away some of your beard’s natural oil. Thus, beard oil was developed to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin.

Natural Beard Growth Serum: Beard growth serum penetrates deep down the hair follicles on your face and nourishes it to accelerate hair growth. The hair on your face is way different than on your head. Thus, the beard growth serum needs to work in activating each follicle separately for maximum growth potential. The result any serum gives is longer, thicker and stronger beard. Having said that, by applying Escobar Natural Beard Hair Growth Serum to the face each day, your hair follicles will sprout and you will notice an improved growth rapidly. The primary ingredient in most beard growth serums is pea sprout extract, which strengthens hair follicles and improves hair density. Once the follicles receive the nutrients that they need, the hairs tend to grow longer, stronger, and lustrous.

Anti-pollution Beard Wash Shampoo: Beard shampoo is one of the most essential products in the beard kit. The longer the beard, the itchier your face is. That being said, beard hair traps bacteria and can lead to various infections. Also, due to its thickness and curliness, it traps minute food particles and environmental contaminants, as well as droplets of mucus and saliva. So, to avoid such beard issues, the beard must be cared for and well-groomed. Regular soap and shampoo are not so effective at cleansing thick beard hair as a professional beard shampoo does.

Escobar Beard Wash Shampoo

Mooch & Beard Wax: Gentlemen who have shunned the use of trimmers and razors have the opportunity to shape and style their beards and mustache as they wish. Mooch and beard wax gives you the chance to get creative with your man fuzz. Your style of facial mane can definitely speak volumes about you. Give your beard the best it can acquire with a beard wax formula that stays on longer than any other! The moustache and beard product not only manage your wild, messy hair but also acts wonders in shaping, conditioning, and controlling your mustache all day long. It really adds to your awesome personality and you can of course go more confident with your look. The best thing about wax is, it exfoliates the scalp, hydrates your skin, repairs split ends & keeps your Mooch nourished and shine. It is also beneficial in preventing your skin from cuts. Whether you are going for a decent corporate look or a theme party, the wax styles beard, and moustache to perfection!

Escobar Beard & Mooch Wax

Congratulations! You have set the basic parameters of your beard. But you are not done yet. It’s true that you have already learned which beard product is best for you, but now you got to add some variation as well. By picking a beard style, you can become someone new or freshen a tired routine. By maintaining your beard shape, you can flatter your face, accentuate your appearance, personality, and overall vibe. You have abundant options, and it’s your privilege as a beard lover to flaunt it. Trends and the popularity of any fashion statement may come and go, but the beards aren’t going anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed and got an idea about how to groom your beard the right way with the right product!