My mother has always told me that a person’s nails have a lot to tell about their health. I don’t know if I ever completely believed that statement. To some extent, sure, but all the way to take care your nails with easy tips?

How to take care your nails with easy tips !!

What I do know for sure, however, is that the way a person’s nails look do tell a lot about their personality, especially their hygiene habits and the way they take care of themselves. This knowledge has driven me to never neglect my nails, ever!

The first thing that I think should be the basis of almost every self-care routine (nails or not), is keeping it clean! Keeping nails (and other things) clean goes a long way to maintaining them, and keeping them healthy for a longer period of time. For nails, this becomes a slightly tedious task due to the insides of the nails. The best hand washes out there are the ones that not only moisturize but also a nourish it. A simple trick is to apply a pea-sized amount on a toothbrush and gently massage your nails with it, inside and outside. A nasty habit one of my close friends has is that she simply leaves the previously applied nail polish to wear out on its own.

That is a big no for me! This not only looks bad but is also a very unhygienic habit. An acetone-free remover does the trick for me without being harsh on the nails. It takes not more than 6-7 minutes to go through all my nails.

Nail length and shape, both are important factors. Have you ever hurt your own self because of those jagged nails? Have you ever caught your nail on to something, pulling it and thereby receiving a very painful gift? Yep, we all have. Keeping the nails trimmed, in shape, and smooth is essential. Nail clipper and filers are blessings from the heavenly realms. The best time to do this is right after a refreshing shower, while the nails are still soft and supple. It is also important to take care of your instruments of cleanliness as well. Make sure you disinfect them in warm soapy water after use to avoid the buildup of bacteria on them. Drying them before storing them away is an equally important step.

My aim, while I clip and file taking care my nails, is that I not only make them look pretty but also help them grow. The best way to do this is slightly round the edge off so that the nails do not get themselves caught or snagged in clothes. For quite some time I had the habit of filing my nails back and forth, that means in both directions. Turns out, that is not good for your nails! Filing in one direction is essential. When the motion goes both ways, it causes friction to weaken the nails.

Now, coming to a favorite of mine, moisturization. Much like everything else in your body, the nails need moisturization as well. If you apply a moisturization cream on top of your nails, do you think your nails would absorb it? Yes! They can. You can keep your nails moisturized in two ways (I think you should use both). You could simply apply hand balms or creams to your nails regularly. The other way is to moisturize your cuticles by applying vitamin E, petroleum jelly, or even cuticle creams to them. The best time to do this is at night.

The hand creams contain lactic acids that help in nourishing your nails, along with hospholipase and urea. Now that we talking about cuticles, here’s a quick side note: DO NOT GET YOUR CUTICLE CUT. Yes, beauty parlous do that for you, yes, the nail paint goes on much better without them. Before you come to the conclusion that it is the best option for you, though, you should know that cuticles are protectors for the nails and help in keeping out infection. Next time you go to the parlor, simply ask them to push them back instead of cutting them. They are important for your nails.


We buy tons of nail products to pamper them. And we must pamper them with the best of products. Products that will not hurt them. Never buy a product without looking at the label on the bottle. What are you looking for? You are looking for words like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, silicone, and toluene. If you find these names, toss the bottle right out! I also look for products that have not been tested on animals, because, why should they!

The kind of food you eat also goes a long way in protecting your nail health. Take lots of protein-rich foods like seeds, eggs, and if you can, then fish. The intake of whole grains, beans, leafy greens, and fruits also nourishes the nails. Many supplements can be used, like Omega oils and Biotin capsules. My personal favourite is fruits and lots of berries!

Hey! So, do you remember what my mother had told me? Nails tell a lot about a person’s health? She had been right all along. They could be telling you about your inner health right now or even about what your diet is missing out on!

Go ahead, listen to them. Go ahead, and love your nails.