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NutriGlow Red Wine Facial Toner is a treat for people who want to look half their age. It has isolated Red Wine which is antioxidant-rich, hence, prevent your face and skin from signs of ageing and all other external & internal factors making your face look lively than ever before.

  • Stops Ageing – It is enriched with antioxidant elements that allow skin to fight against signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Instant Glow – This contains liquorice extracts and vitamins A, C & E which make skin soft, calm and glow naturally.
  • Reduces Wrinkle – Toner allows people to get rid of wrinkles and experience young and fresh-looking skin.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties – These help skin to fight against cystic acne and prevent spreading on the face.

Jojoba Oil Extracts – Increases the elasticity of skin and helps to attain the original complexion.
Isolated Red Wine Extracts – It contains natural AHAs and antiseptic properties which deep cleanses the pores and skin cells.
Vitamin B5 Extracts – facilitates skin to heal naturally and create protection cover all around the face to protect your skin from environmental pollutants.
Liquorice Extracts – Liquorice extract is potent to promote radiance of skin making it more beautiful and attractive.

Wash your face with clean water
Put a few drops of Red Wine Toner on a cotton pad
Spread the toner all over your face & neck with light hands
Wait for a few minutes to get Toner to dry
Finish by applying NutriGlow Whitening Moisturizer for re-hydrating your face

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