NutriGlow Skin Rejuvenation Toner_120 ML

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Get healthy and toned skin with this Skin Rejuvenation Toner brought to you by NutriGlow. Apply it gently with cotton pad for a refreshing toned skin and it is soothing to all types of skin. This facial toner comes with the quality of pure peach and lavender extract. Refresh facial toner with vitamins and natural extracts. Ph balance & alcohol free and used for all skin types. 1 Purifying Toner is an alcohol free toner. 2. Gently exfoliates and helps unclog pores. 3. Contains skin soothing agents which helps to control excess oil. 4. Tightens your pores and reduces irritation leaving your skin comfortable and refreshed. 5.An alcohol-free toner that helps reduce pore size to normal, making your skin ready for the next product application.

  • Instant Glow- NutriGlow Facial Toner helps to achieve instant glow soon after its appropriate application on the face as it contains liquorice extracts and vitamins A, C & E which make skin soft, calm and glow naturally.
  • Reduces Wrinkle- Wrinkle is one of the natural phenomena which hampers the beauty of growing adults. This formulation prepared by NutriGlow’s team of specialists allows people to get rid of wrinkles and experience young and fresh-looking skin.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties- This product from NutriGlow has anti-bacterial properties that allow skin to heal all types of infections. Also, it helps skin to fight against cystic acne and prevent spreading on the face.
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