NutriGlow Lacto Bleach Fairness Creme_100 gm

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Nutriglow Lacto Bleach cream – Instant Tan Remova provides safe and efficacious bleaching experience. Post bleach pack makes skin gorgeously glowing, fairer and hydrated. Skin is exposed to stress, harsh UVA and UVB rays from sun and high level of pollution on daily basis which results in skin becoming pale and dull. It is due to the lack of oxygen during the bleaching process, which penetrates deep into the skin, thereby providing much needed oxygenation to the skin along with nourishing, hydrating and energizing feel and ultimate skin revival. Effectively removes tan, lightens the melanin to make the skin tone lighter and fairer. Whitening bleach, pre-bleach cream forms a protective shield and works on all skin types including sensitive skin. Whitening bleach is recommended for professional use and is safe and healthy. This contain pack of Lacto Bleach (100g).
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