NutriGlow Advanced Organics Dry & Damaged Repair Hair Cream – 100 gm

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About NutriGlow Advanced Organics Dry & Damaged Repair Hair Cream

NutriGlow Advanced Organics Dry and Damaged Hair Repair Cream -gently nourishes wavy, curly, and lifeless hair to help you to produce the hairstyle of your choice. This Hair Cream from NutriGlow is meant for frizzy and dry hair, in addition to this, it also helps the scalp to control excess oil, especially in summers.

Benefits of Using NutriGlow Dry & Damaged Hair Repair Cream

  • Promotes Hair Growth– NutriGlow Advanced Organics Hair Cream allows hair to achieve and maintain nourishment throughout the day which ultimately promotes hair to grow vibrantly and also prevents hair from falling.
  • Nourishes Hair– This product from NutriGlow is an exclusive item, produced keeping in mind dry winters and oily summers of India. Nutriglow Hair Cream goes beyond providing the highest degree of nourishment to damaged hair due to contaminated water and the air around us.
  • Prevents Dandruff– NutriGlow Advanced Organics Hair Cream is a phenomenal source of natural ingredients to fight dandruff in all seasons and replenishes hair to give a fresh and enticing look.
  • Free from Parabens & Sulfates– NutriGlow serves in the best interest of its consumers and hence, has deployed the finest ingredients straight from the valley of nature to provide an unforgettable experience to people by making them love their hair.

Key Ingredients

  •  Jojoba Oil – is a vivid source of vitamins and minerals, to specify- vitamins C, B, and E which nourish hair from deep inside and will give you that shiny, silky, and strong hair which you must have seen in TV commercials.
  • Argan Oil– Argon Oil is one of the key ingredients responsible for hydrating and softening hair fibers, thus increasing the life of healthy hair. NutriGlow Hair Cream has sufficient of argan oil to make your hair look picture perfect.
  • Tea Tree Oil– Rich in Tea Tree Oil, NutriGlow Hair Cream has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight dandruff and lice up to a great extent and also adds shine and softness to hair.

How to Use NutriGlow Dry & Damaged Hair Repair Cream

  • Take out & rub some Hair Cream between your palms
  • Apply the hair cream on your frizzy hair
  • Get the desired hairstyle
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