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    One-Stop-Shop solution for Private Label Organic Cosmetic Products manufacturing and to Launch Your Brand

    We are one of the most experienced and in fact stable specialist co-operative for Private Label Organic Cosmetic Product manufacturers Like Skin Care, Hair Care, Treatment Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Facial kits, Cleansers, Soaps, Hand-made Cleansers, Laundry Care, Home Care items in India.

    We at NutriGlow, practice a great deal of resilience and morals when it comes to the manufacturing of cosmetic products. We support naturally stable measures, sponsored by solid best in class R & D versatile assembling facility to offer you the dependable scope of Herbal and Non-Herbal products so you can unhesitatingly dispatch under your brand. Having catered our Private Label Organic cosmetic Product manufacturing services to clients emerging from different parts of the world, we have established a remarkable path in this journey to be the first choice of various cosmetic product manufacturing companies.

    Being well-versed with the business of Private Label Cosmetic products Manufacturing, we offer full help contract manufacturing/private naming from planning to complete merchandise or production of Private Label cosmetics in bulk. A couple of the cosmetic products manufacturing facilities which we are offering is at superlative generation condition, with huge and little filling hardware to meet diverse volume necessities.

    Select an item from our immense library of demonstrated definitions. We can likewise tweak your items according to your necessities based on accelerated research. We have a solid innovative work group that comprehends your prerequisites and creates items according to your necessities.

    Your Dream, Our Efforts to Make it a Profitable Venture for Your Brand.

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    Nourishes Skin
    • Creams (antioxidant, therapeutics, botanicals, etc.)
    • Skin Brighteners
    • Moisturizers (creams, lotions, gels & sprays…non aerosol)
    • Scrubs .Masques
    • Serums .Gels
    • Toners/Astringents
    • Sprays (non-aerosol)
    • shaving creams


    Hair care
    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Hair Spa
    • Hair repair masque
    • Styling Gels/Lotions (non-aerosol)
    • Setting Lotions
    • Hair Oils
    • Hair Gel


    • Under Eye Cream
    • Under Eye Gel
    • Under Eye lotion


    private label organic products
    • Face Wash
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Cleansing Milk
    • Toners
    • Face Gels

    Professional Care

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    • Facial Kits
    • Gold Facial Kit
    • Papaya Facial Kit
    • Diamond Facial Kit
    • Hand & Foot Spa Kit
    • AHA Facial kit
    • Anti Acne Facial kit
    • Treatment facial kits( Brightening & Derma Repair )

    Sun Care

    sunscreen product labeling
    • Sunblock Cream SPF30+
    • Sunblock Lotion SPF25+
    • De-Tan Pack (UVA/UVB Protection)
    • Sunscreen
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    Organic & Natural products

    N & O products

    Extracted after being comprehensively researched by our team of renowned scientists, the natural ingredients we have assimilated in our products have organic essence. The all-natural products we prepare are made with the finest, unrefined & real elements from nature to be the part of daily beauty, skin & hair care regime of your precious consumers.

    Good Infrastructure

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    We have deployed the methodological techniques and well-planned course of action in the premises. The latest version of technology available in the market is what we rely on and have equipped in our state of the art infrastructure to help our partners accomplish their organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

    Skilled Workforce

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    To become your ideal private labeling partner, we have hired highly-skilled, qualified & experienced workforce so as to meet your business needs adroitly and within the stipulated time frame. Our workers are efficiently trained by professionals & are proficient of crafting the nature-packed organic products that will add value to the skin of your end-users.

    R&D Center

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    R&D Center lays down the foundation of every successful business. Our research & development department has been the backbone of our superior craft that keeps us binding with our valuable partners. We research, develop & rediscover by producing the most competent and reliable beauty, skin & hair care products for our renowned partners.

    Product Development Ability

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    Our product development procedure depends on the requirements of our clients and partners. We emphasize the universal methods for cutting the mustard for our partners, allowing them to hit their targets accurately & within guidelines. However, there is always scope for great suggestions from our partners for customizing the entire process, the modification of existing products or the formulation of the all-new range of beauty products.


    Treatment Products

    Private label cosmetic products

    All products that we create are vegan-friendly & crafted on the basis of a certain set of parameters which is beneficial for the end-users. Our products are generously chemically tested by experienced professionals so as to make it ready for the optimum utilization by your targeted audience.

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